Training & Research


We are a training practice, which makes us instrumental in the development of future healthcare professionals at every level.  Working with local universities we host placements for second and fifth year medical students, and student nurses. We also provide registrar training on a six month rotation.

Some student Doctors and Nurses simply observe consultations, while other more senior students may consult with patients either on their own or with a mentor.

If you have an appointment to see a Doctor or a Nurse and a student is scheduled to be present during the consultation, you will always be informed prior to the appointment, and given the opportunity to request to see the clinician alone.


We are proud to say that Brunel Medical Practice is a Research Ready accredited practice. We take part in various studies in conjunction with the NHR (National Institute for Health Research).

Our Research Lead GP is Dr Richard Veale who is supported by Lisa van Kuyk (Research Nurse), Pam Grills (Research Administrator) and Hayley Reed (Health Care Assistant).

The research team are often looking for new recruits for studies and will be posting up-coming studies on the practice’s Facebook page and on Research boards in the surgeries.

Recent studies that our patients have taken part in include studies looking at Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), urinary tract infections and early arthiritis diagnosis.

We will soon be recruiting for new studies which will include coughs and colds in children, COPD , further CKD studies and other interesting areas – watch this space!

Lisa and Dr Veale attended the South West Clinical Research Forum this year, where Lisa was presented with the Outstanding Research Individual Award for her hard work in recruiting patients for studies and her enthusiasm in ensuring new research studies and techniques are embraced by the practice.