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Please note that all Brunel Medical Practice surgeries will be closed for staff training from 1pm on Wednesday 25th April.

During this time incoming calls to the practice will be answered by the Out of Hours services.

If you require urgent medical assistance during this time, please call 111.

For routine enquiries and to make appointments, please call 01803 312233 after 8.30am on Thursday 26th April.

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


All Brunel surgeries will be closed for Bank Holiday from 6pm on Friday 4th May.

Babbacombe and St Marychurch surgeries re-open at 8.00am on Tuesday 8th May.

Shiphay surgery re-opens at 8.30am on Tuesday 8th May.

If you require urgent medical assistance while the practice is closed please call NHS 111.

In the event of a medical emergency please dial 999

For all other enquiries please contact the practice when the surgeries re-open.

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

eConsultations are now available via this website....

This service allows you to;

...get information and advice about a range of health problems online

...find out about the most appropriate source of help and guidance for you

...communicate with your GP online

...send a query to your GP and practice staff without using the phone or coming in for a face-to-face consultation

You can send a query to your GP, and will receive an answer from the practice within 24 working hours.

You don't have to present ID to the surgery, or sign-up and register for this service in order to use it.

See posters and information in all the surgeries for further information.


Healthwatch Torbay are holding a drop-in training session for patients who would like to learn more about online services for patients via Patient Access.

Trainers will show you how to book and cancel GP and some Nurse appointments and how to order your repeat medications on line.

Drop in to see the trainers at any time between 12pm and 3pm at St Marychurch surgery on Tuesday 3rd April - everyone is welcome, regardless of IT and technical skills!


See below for further details about Patient Access and Healthwatch contact details.

ONLINE SERVICE - Patient Access

Patient Access is an on-line service that allows patients to;

book and cancel GP and blood test appointments

order repeat prescriptions

view selected medical records

send secure messages to the practice



To register for Patient Access, please visit the surgery, bringing identification documents with you. Ideally this should be;

  • two forms of photo-ID, OR...
  • one form of photo-ID + a bank statement

Photo-ID can include a photographic driving licence, passport, bus-pass or student ID card.

Any bank statement presented will only be used to cross-check address details and will never be copied.

ID verification requirements are stringent because Patient Access allows the user to see some parts of your medical record.

Once your ID has been checked a registration form will be printed for you containing your User ID and password - this information can then be used to set up your Patient Access account.


If you cannot present ID, but would like to use Patient Access, please tell us and we will ask your GP to vouch for your identity.


If you are housebound but would like to use Patient Access, please tell us and we will ask your GP to vouch for your identity.


Free training is available for patients who would like to use Patient Access but would like a little extra help. This training is available from Healthwatch Torbay. You can contact Healthwatch in the following ways;

Freephone: 08000 520 029



Freepost: RTCG-TRXX-ZZKJ, Healthwatch Torbay, Paignton Library, Great Western Road, Paignton TQ4 5AG


Following articles in the media and on television, please click on the link below to read more about prostate cancer testing and all the latest guidance;

Information about testing for prostate cancer


From 1st April 2018 NHS prescription charges will be increasing.

Please click here for details.





Sherwell Valley Road surgery (a branch of Parkhill Medical Practice) has now closed.

Clinicians from Parkhill Medical Practice will be providing services for their registered patients at Brunel’s branch surgery in Shiphay (Collaton Road Torquay TQ2 7HH).

This will commence early March 2018.


This will NOT impact on the service and care currently provided to Brunel patients. Parkhill patients will only be seen by Parkhill medical staff.

Parkhill patients can access these appointments by contacting the Parkhill Reception team on

01803 212489.


With thanks, Brunel and Parkhill Medical Practices



From 1st March patients who have been asked to have a blood test by their GP will be able to book blood test (phlebotomy) appointments online via the Patient Access service.


As well as blood tests requested by a GP this will also include regular blood tests for medication monitoring, INR finger-prick tests and blood tests preceding your annual health check.


Patient Access is an easy-to-use online service which enables patients to book appointments and request repeat prescriptions online.


If you would like to sign up for Patient Access simply bring two forms of photo-ID to the surgery (or one form of photo-ID plus a bank statement) and reception staff will register you for the service.


Blood test appointments will be available on the Patient Access website soon!


Click here to see more details about Patient Access


The World Health Organisation has issued up to date guidance on the consequences of choosing not to vaccinate your baby/child.

When making a decision about immunisation of your child, please ensure the decision you make is an informed one! Please read the information provided and or talk to a qualified health professional.

 Click here to see the latest information from the WHO



Click here to find out how this will work


Click on the link below to find out more about the way that Parkhill and Brunel medical practices will be working together in the future.

Find out more about how Parkhill & Brunel are working together



Shingles vaccination

The national shingles immunisation programme is currently available to people who were born between the following dates 

02/09/1942 - 01/09/1947

02/09/1937 - 01/09/1939

Once you reach 80 years old you are no longer eligible for the vaccination. If you would like to have then shingles vaccination and you are eligible, please book an appointment with a practice nurse.

MENACWY vaccination

New cohort of year 13 students are now eligible for the MENACWY vaccination. This vaccine is available up until the age of 25.


 Dear Patients

It has become necessary to change Brunel’s Monday morning opening time to ensure continuing safe care for ALL our patients.

Across the country demand is high for GP appointments. While we recognise that lack of access to appointments can be very frustrating, it is our duty to prioritise care for our vulnerable and acutely unwell patients. Demand is especially high on Mondays when our surgeries have been closed for two days over the weekend.

Large numbers of patients now queue to book on-the-day appointments at 7.30am on Monday mornings when surgery doors open. This means that – when our phone lines open at 8.30am - very few appointments remain for patients who are too unwell to attend the surgery at 7.30am.

Surgery doors at Babbacombe and St Marychurch surgery will now open at 8.00am each Monday and on Tuesdays following Bank Holidays. URGENT appointments will then be available with a GP between 8.00am and 9.00am. No appointments later than 9.00am will be available for booking until 8.30am.

These changes will allow GPs to focus their attention on urgent/acute medical problems that have developed over the weekend and cannot safely wait until later in the week. It will also allow all patients equal access to appointments from 8.30am onwards on Mondays.

We respectfully request that patients with non-urgent/longstanding medical problems will delay booking an appointment until later in the week.

Please consider Monday to be an URGENT care day, so that our GPs can provide safe, high-quality care for those patients who are most in need.

We are endeavouring to find new ways for all patients to access our services, and we hope that this change will reduce patient frustration.

We particularly request that patients treat our reception staff with respect. Problems with appointment availability are never the responsibility of the receptionist.

We value suggestions from all our patients, so please continue to share your ideas for improvement with us.

The Partners

Brunel Medical Practice

GP Appointments

Dear Patients

We are currently experiencing a shortage of on-the-day GP appointments due to a combination of greatly increased and unprecedented demand for services and GP absence.

If the appointment that you request is not immediately available for you, please understand that this is not the fault of our reception staff.  We respectfully request that reception staff are treated with courtesy at all times.

Please note that we operate a zero-tolerance policy towards abuse of our staff.

If you need urgent medical attention, then you will be offered a telephone call-back from a GP.  The GP will assess your problem during the call.  The Doctor will offer advice and, if appropriate, generate a prescription for you.  If you need to be seen by a Doctor, the GP will invite you to attend a mutually convenient appointment. 

Please note that GP's have access to appointments that are not available for booking by reception staff, just for this purpose.


Thank you for your support.

From all of the Doctors and staff at Brunel Medical Practice.

Dear Patient,

We are currently experiencing very high call volumes and this, coupled with sickness within our GP and reception teams, plus winter demand for GP services, means that you may experience some delays while we answer calls. Also we may not be immediately able to offer you a GP appointment.

Please be assured that we are working very hard to accommodate all our patients at this time.

If your call is not urgent and can be dealt with at the pharmacy, then please seek advice from your Pharmacist first.

If your call is urgent, and no face-to-face appointments are available, we will arrange a telephone consultation with a GP for you. The GP that you speak to will be able to give you advice over the phone, and - where appropriate - can issue a prescription directly to your pharmacy. In some cases there may be no need for you to come to the surgery. If your GP feels that you need to be seen, then a convenient face-to-face appointment will be arranged for you.
Please bear with us at this busy time.

The Partners
Brunel Medical Practice


Following recent meetings, Brunel Medical Practice, Chilcote Surgery, Parkhill Medical Practice and Southover Medical Practice will begin to work collaboratively in a federated model which will be known as Riviera Health Care.

Rivera Health Care would like to take this opportunity to formally announce to our practice colleagues in the South Devon and Torbay CCG footprint, the CCG and NHSE our aim to embrace a new model of working, with a view to ensuring sustainability now and in the future.

The pace of change we find ourselves now working within is fast, relentless and unprecedented. As a result practices can no longer work in isolation without the support that a federated model can offer.

Riviera Health Care intends to initially work on one or two smaller projects with an aim to get used to new closer working relationships and embedding those changes before tackling larger and more labour intensive work streams.

We have agreed to start our journey with identifying any synergies where we may be able to utilise resources more effectively.

Riviera Health Care aims are simple; Closer Smarter Working


Important Information about Repeat Prescriptions Trial

Information about Managed Repeats

Pharmacy Letter to Patients


Meningitis B Petition and media coverage

Practice staff will be aware that there is currently media coverage regarding a petition to Parliament for all children under 11 to be given Men B vaccine. This has gained impetus following endorsement by Matt Dawson, whose son also contracted meningitis (although it should be noted that this was with a different strain for which there is already a comprehensive vaccination programme).

The Department of Health have issued the following statement:

"Our thoughts are with Faye's family at this difficult time. "When any new immunisation programme is introduced, there has to be a date to determine eligibility - a decision based on the best independent clinical recommendation to ensure we can protect those children most at risk of MenB. "When our nationwide MenB vaccination programme was introduced last year, England became the first country to protect our babies from this devastating disease. All children who are now aged up to 9 months should have been offered the vaccine."


The Department of Health is advised on immunisation matters, including the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of new vaccines by the independent expert body, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) - The JCVI advised that the Meningococcal B vaccination programme should aim to protect infants before they reach five months of age because this is when the risk is greatest. The vaccine is first offered to children from 2 months of age.

MenB immunisation was introduced from 1 September for those babies who are due to receive their primary immunisations starting at 2 months of age on or after 1 September 2015 (i.e. those born on or after 1 July 2015), with a one-off catch-up programme for those infants born from 1 May 2015 to 30 June 2015.

Children who are now aged up to 9 months should have been offered the vaccine. When any new immunisation programme is introduced, there has to be a cut-off date to determine eligibility. We recognise that

families with children outside the eligible age groups will be naturally disappointed, but there is no other way of realistically starting new programmes.. At the same time, the number of children vaccinated will continue to increase as the programme grows and by next year, one year olds and many two year olds will also be protected by the vaccine. (Please note: Men B vaccine is also recommended for administration to patients in certain at risk groups in addition to the primary childhood programme detailed above – see full details in the Green Book).

Private administration of MenB vaccine

We realise that parents are very likely to approach practices requesting private administration of the MenB vaccine. It should be noted that GPs cannot administer vaccines on a private basis to patients on their own practice lists. They may however consider reciprocal arrangements with another practice for this purpose.

It is not appropriate for NHS England to advise of or signpost to any private suppliers of these vaccines as these suppliers act outside of the NHS and we cannot therefore assure that they are following the required standards for the safe storage, supply and administration of these medicines.

There is also currently a shortage of supply of the Men B vaccine, and although this does not affect supply to the national programme via ImmForm, it may affect access to private supplies.

Contact by parents does, however, present an opportunity for practices to check the child’s immunisation status and to offer any immunisations that the child may have previously missed to ensure they are as fully protected as possible against other strains of meningitis and other diseases with potentially serious consequences (HiB/MenC/MMR etc). We would encourage practices to do this wherever possible – particularly in light of the fact that we understand that the currently publicised case relating to Matt Dawson’s son involved a different vaccine preventable strain.

If Practices have any queries regarding this or any other vaccination programmes please contact the Screening and Immunisation Team via 

Please do not contact the local Child Health Teams as they are not able to assist with clinical matters or those relating to eligibility.


From Torbay Safeguarding Children Board

If you’ve heard of Minecraft then you probably know what a big deal it is to many children in Torbay.  It is a great online game that children love to interact with but many people don’t realise there is also a social networking element to the game.    We don’t want this to stop children’s online fun, but to support families to do this safely you can change this within the settings.  The NSPCC have added a page to their website dedicated to Minecraft with a further document to support families.
There are also lots of YouTube videos to support Minecrafters but some of these are also not appropriate for young children.  Advice on You Tube parental control settings can be found here.

Torbay Safeguarding Children Board - Keeping children safe is everyone's responsibility

Dear Patients,

Our Receptionists try their very best at all times to answer telephone calls as quickly as possible. They work hard to ensure that appointments are booked and enquiries resolved speedily.

However, we acknowledge that sometimes recently, and for a variety of reasons, we have been unable to provide our patients with the telephone service that we aspire to.

We would like to reassure all our patients that we are undertaking a full review of our Reception service and the systems that we use, and we are making changes so that we can provide a highly responsive, streamlined and efficient telephone service to all our patients.

The changes that we’re making include enhancing our telephone systems, recruiting more staff to our Reception team and matching our resources to peak call times. We have recently recruited two new members of staff, with the result that we are able to answer more patient calls and respond more quickly to telephone demand.

Improving our service to our patients is very important to us, and we are sure that these enhancements will prove to be effective.

If you have any enquiries about our Appointments system and the ways in which you can consult your Doctor, please email us at

Named Accountable GP

From 1st April 2015 all Brunel patients, including children, have a Named Accountable GP responsible for their care at the surgery.  This does not change which doctor you can see.

If you would like to know who your GP is, please ask at reception.

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